Vintage photo of woman with teacup, smiling.

Until I Found You

Vintage photo of woman with teacup, smiling.There’s a running joke among my musician friends about how long it takes me to get from writing something to recording it, but this probably stretches it.  This song dates from the days of the band Hungry Ghosts so it’s probably mid 90s.  I don’t remember any story around writing it other than a vague desire to write a Van Morrison style song.  Anyway it proves I can write something upbeat and, dare I say, happy! Having been forgotten for years, it really came to life with The Invisible Helpers a few years ago, and I’m really happy with this definitive version. Hope you will be too.

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Guitars, voice: me, Fiona Thom
Keyboard, voice: John Lawrence
Bass, voice: James Whyte
Drums: Antoine Edery (
Production and mix: me, John Farrell, Fiona Thom

Video: me


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