Bob Dylan by Birgit Karacsonyi.

Happy Zimday!

On Monday 24th I took part in a Bobathon – about five hours of Dylan covers from singer songwriters in the Ruby Tuesday Sessions page of Facebook.

I did, of course, The Ballad of Bob Dylan but also two Dylan covers which I’m quite happy with:

  • The Wicked Messenger
  • I Threw It All Away

Bob Dylan portrait by Birgit Karacsonyi via Wikimedia

1 thought on “Happy Zimday!”

  1. I really enjoyed your set. “I Threw It All Away” is a song I wasn’t wild about when I first heard it—-too young and naive—-but the older I get, the better it sounds. Really enjoyed “The Ballad of Bob Dylan.” Funny and catchy and resonant for a few reasons I won’t go into here. 😊

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