Songstories #14 – Time Starts Now

This was a song I recorded ‘between bands’ – the time in the mid 90s between the end of Hungry Ghosts and the birth of the Innocents.  I’d sung it a few times live with Polly Phillips but didn’t have the knowledge or skill to record it.  The arrangement was almost all down to producer Dave Watson, and while it uses a famous 90s drum loop, used in many songs, I think it still sounds pretty fresh today, especially his lovely guitar solo. I think the only thing I did was the bass, which is probably the weakest part of the arrangement.

It’s unusual for me to write from ‘real life’ but this was the response to a good friend’s relationship coming to a sudden and painful end.  Years have passed and said friend is now happily married.

Probably the purest pop song I’ve done and although I’ve tried I’ve never quite got that formula so well as this time.

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