Cover Ups has Bowie covered for charity

David Bowie by Scapin

Happy New Year, and I’m glad to be able to start blogging this year with comments on someone else’s music for a change. Cover Ups was put together by John Morrison, a Glasgow singer-songwriter who performs as The Hybrid Vine. I first came across him when he put out an album of Marc Bolan covers … Read more

More on Momus

Screenshot from Fifteen People website about Momus

After I mentioned Momus a few times here, I was contacted by John Robinson, who told me he’d created a site reviewing all Momus’s albums. So far he’s covered more than ten early albums, singles and EPs. If you’re interested in this extraordinary singer-songwriter-novelist-artist, this would be a great place to start. Fifteen People by … Read more

Songworks #3: Feast of Stephen by Mike Heron (and John Cale)

Snow sculpture in Alaska

On the face of it, you couldn’t think of two bands more diametrically opposed than the Incredible String Band and the Velvet Underground. Yet in 1970 two of their number collaborated on an all-star album and, in particular, on one song: Feast of Stephen. Dramatis personae In 1970 Mike Heron of the Incredible String Band … Read more

Drinking with Jackie Leven

Jackie Leven by Simon Murphy

Probably the best aspect of doing this blog and writing about the musicians I love is that occasionally I get contact from other fans of the same people, with new insights. Here’s a story I got from Tom in Glasgow presented with his permission and my thanks: Although I was vaguely aware of Doll By … Read more