Being in a band – attention seeking behaviour

Continuing my musical life story with one of the stranger episodes- how attention-seeking ended the first band I led. By the middle of the 1980s, in Manchester, I’d got over the novelty of multitrack recording and begun to take songwriting seriously. Solitary songwriting I’d been writing songs since I was 16 but I’d always tended … Read more

It’s just a song, after all …


This is one for all the performers among my friends. Tonight I wrote a song. The first time in a year, during which I thought I either couldn’t, or didn’t need to, write another. So I’ve written one, and I think it’s good. Big deal. Why is that such a bitter sweet feeling? The myth … Read more

Restrictions make you work better

Sometimes when something’s difficult you can manage it by making it a different kind of difficult. I’ve been confounded for most of the year by a big ‘ol baddie that sits on my shoulder saying ‘ You can’t write anything, certainly nothing as good as you used to, nothing as good as <name anyone>, and … Read more

Songwriting: the juice and its flowing

Woman writing words while holding guitar.,

Some thoughts on songwriting, from the first blog I kept, written in 1997, but I’m still behind most of this. Magic It’s just magic! It feels that way anyway. Writers may disagree about the proportions of inspiration and perspiration that go into making a song, but everyone recognises that leap of the heart when you … Read more