Being in a band – attention seeking behaviour

HUngry Ghosts from Japanese scroll (

Continuing my musical life story with one of the stranger episodes- how attention-seeking ended the first band I led. By the middle of the 1980s, in Manchester, I’d got over the novelty of multitrack recording and begun to take songwriting seriously. Solitary songwriting I’d been writing songs since I was 16 but I’d always tended … Read more

Glasgow Songwriting Festival 2017 – swimming in the air

This past weekend I was at the Glasgow Songwriting Festival 2017. A weekend course rather than a festival. Here’s what happened and what I got from it. Govanhill Baths The course was held in one of strangest venues I’ve been in. A hundred-year-old building housing several swimming pools, rows of private bath cubicles and a … Read more

It’s just a song, after all …


This is one for all the performers among my friends. Tonight I wrote a song. The first time in a year, during which I thought I either couldn’t, or didn’t need to, write another. So I’ve written one, and I think it’s good. Big deal. Why is that such a bitter sweet feeling? The myth … Read more

Restrictions make you work better

Sometimes when something’s difficult you can manage it by making it a different kind of difficult. I’ve been confounded for most of the year by a big ‘ol baddie that sits on my shoulder saying ‘ You can’t write anything, certainly nothing as good as you used to, nothing as good as <name anyone>, and … Read more

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