Andrew C Ferguson – Final Days

Andrew C Ferguson album Final Days cover image

A review of Andrew C Ferguson’s new album Final Days Andrew C Ferguson has been a friend for a few years since he invited us to play at tribute nights to Dylan, Nick Cave and Springsteen. Already well established on the spoken-word scene, in recent years he’s branched out into crime novels and a series … Read more

Lovely melodies and gruesome murders – don’t you love folk music?

The other week I wrote about Gabriel Yacoub and his band Malicorne. I forgot to mention one of my favourite Malicorne songs – the story of a gruesome murder carried out by a student – at his mother’s request, no less. It’s called L’Écolier Assassin and comes from their album Almanach. I loved this song … Read more

Jackie Leven: beauty in his wounds

Jackie Leven onstage

Remember how you discovered new music before the internet? There was radio, the occasional TV programme and the music press. Sometimes you’d hear something and decide you wanted to buy it (so you could hear it whenever you want) and sometimes you’d take a chance and buy something without hearing it because of a writeup … Read more