Romantic Fiction Collected

In 2005 and 2006 I put out two EPs (a hangover term from the days of vinyl, meaning a single with four tracks instead of two) called Romantic Fiction 1 and 2.  The idea was that my previous album The Wolf Who … didn’t really include any you-and-me type love or love/hate songs, and I … Read more

Two Roadblock performances

The Roadworks band will have two more outings in December:   Tonight (Sun 7 Dec)  at The Ark, Waterloo Place, with Rob Sproull-Cran, Angel Conversations and others. 8pm start, £2.00 admission   Thurs 11 Dec at The Village, Fort St, Leith, with Ms Fi, Simon Kempston and Mark Barnett  8pm start   There’s a curious … Read more

Roadblock review

Sid Smith, webmeister of the King Crimson site and author of the King’s biography, has written a review of Roadblock on his excellent blog. I’m honoured. “…glorious moments creep up and dazzle you with their uncluttered brand of consummate balladry.” Cheers!

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